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Self Isolation... Self Improvement?

Who would have thought that barely three months into a new decade most of the world would be on lockdown and self isolation would be happening? As a self employed, small business and home owner, it didn't take long for the gravity of the situation to sink in. Now that may seem selfish, essentially I am getting stressed and anxious over material things that can be rebuilt, but having spent eight years building my business the future seems quite uncertain and unfortunately I am working in a 'non-essential' industry. My treatments and therapies are still seen by most as a luxury or a treat, and definitely cannot be done with self isolation. However, if my taking a financial hit ensures that I don't pass Covid-19 onto an elderly person in my community or persons with a compromised immune system then surely it is worth it.

Now bearing all of this in mind I am not going to enjoy being confined to my house, (and lets face it there is only so much cleaning you can do and only so long you can watch Netflix for)! I am very fortunate where I live, we have wide open spaces so dog walks and going out for runs are still going to be ok for me. But what else could you be doing with your time? Below I am going to leave some suggestions of ways we can all spend our time in self isolation and hopefully improve our mind, body and soul at the same time (with some Netflix thrown in there to)! ...


Where to begin I have really enjoyed reading Sarah Knight's books, You Do You and The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k. Both are incredibly well written, brutally honest and bring in my opinion an entirely different approach to self help books.

My all time favourite classic has got to be Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin, my most read book apart from the Harry Potter series (and if you haven't read them then shame on you!) on my bookshelf.

And last but not least, an easy to read 'chick lit' Some Kind of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher.


I find that exercise helps me so much mentally. You never regret doing that workout or going for that run/walk. One of the best things YouTube has to offer is their extensive range of Yoga and meditation videos. Cat Meffan has one of my favourite channels where she shares incredible yoga flows with you from 15 minute bedtime relaxation sessions to hour long vinyasa flows. The same goes for meditation I am still not a pro at meditating and find that I definitly benefit more from guided meditation as my mind still has a tendancy to wander, the 'Narrator's' voice also has a big impact on how successfull I am and once again Cat is my go to lady for de-stressing and finding my inner calm, she also has an online yoga membership where she posts four videos each month that are usually a mix of thirty and sixty minute yoga flows, position break downs and meditation.

*At 11am on Friday 20th Cat is running a 45min yoga class on instagram live*

During this uncertain time Instagram fitness influencers have started posting free workouts on IGTV that use no equipment and are perfect for you to do at home. Carly Rowena a PT and a yummy mummy has some great classes and an awesome attitude to life, the videos can be added to your saved folder and so you can come back to them at any time.

Other little things that may make you smile and save your sanity

  • Baking.

  • Those little jobs in the house that you've been putting off forever.

  • Learning a new skill or language, I'm working on my crocheting (yes I am a Grandma in disguise!)

  • Working on your business plans and ideas for the rest of the year, and the incredible come back we are all going to make.

I'd like to end this by saying that as scary and as uncertain as these times are I really hope communities can pull together and help each other through this period. I am trying to see this as a reset button and am working out what really matters in my life, what I want to achieve and what truly makes me happy.

Thank you to all my clients for their support and I can't wait to see you back in the salon soon.

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