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What is your facial routine missing?

So you're using your retinol or glycolic acid. You've bought the day cream, the night cream and the serum. You even have the eye cream. What else could you possibly need?

A facial roller. These first made their way into beauty routines in the 7th century, where they were treasured by the Chinese Empresses for their anti-ageing properties. Fast forward a few thousand years and the benefits are just as good and include;

Having a calming effect on the skin.

Revitalising the complexion.

Promoting circulation.

Reducing puffiness.

A few basics you need to know before heading off to invest in your new skincare best friend...

How to use your roller.

Most rollers have a large and a small end. The smaller is ideal for using around your eyes to reduce puffiness and encourage blood flow, which in turn will help with tiredness and dark circles. Using the larger end we suggest starting on the forehead and working right the way across, from temple to temple. Moving down to under the cheekbone and working from the centre of the face out towards the ears and then under the jaw using the same technique. This is great for using on your neck to and for increasing the skin's elasticity.

Top Tip ... Keep your roller in the fridge!

Where does this fit into your home care routine?

In the morning use the roller after applying your serum to ensure maximum absorption of the product. Because the roller also promotes lymphatic drainage it is going to awaken the skin and reduce puffiness, perfect for those early mornings.

In the evening why not use the roller after using a facial oil, as with any slow, repetitive massage routine this will promote relaxation and prepare you for a lovely nights sleep.

Because of the increase in circulation you will find that any product applied before using the roller and immediately after will be absorbed much better by the skin.

Fun Fact ... using a roller for 5 minutes can increase your circulation by up to 25%

Radiant, glowing skin is just a roll away!

Our in salon favourite is the new BeautyLab Amethyst Crystal Facial Roller which retails at £27.50 and is available in salon from 5th March. We will also now be incorporating this into all of our BeautyLab facial treatments.

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