Thai Style Hot Poultice Massage.


 Priadara Thai Style is an enchanting and aromatic treatment with a taste of the exotic. This amazing massage style incorporates Thai herbal heat poultices to give a fantastic heat treatment that soothes and alleviates muscle tension.

Herbal compresses are hand made in Thailand using only natural ingredients such as kaffir lime, turmeric, camphor, lemon grass, pray, menthol and tamarind all wrapped in pure cotton.

Pre-booking is essential for these treatments.

Recovery Head Massage


45min £45.00

This treatment experience starts with the application of the Thai hot herbal Poultice over the back, neck and head to relieve stress, soothe tension and re-energise.


Thai Herbal Energiser


90min £70.00

Ease away tension while enjoying this unforgettable hot Thai massage. This balancing poultice opens pores and brings deep medicinal heat to the muscles, to release tensions and revitalise your mind. This is followed by an invigorating massage using a synergy of ginger and peppermint essential oils.


Warm Coconut Soother


90min £75.00

Following the Zen philosophy of returning to nature, amazing tropical wonders infuse this treatment with life, energy and beauty. Warm extra virgin coconut oil is drizzled onto your body and a warm poultice is gently glided to massage, nourish and soothe you.


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